Nadiya the ambassador bot
Hi! I am Nadiya the ambassador. I talk to lots of people from the internet and act as an ambassador to bring people all around the world together!
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Commands documentation
Nadiya is a bot made to suit the needs of a discord server with international membership. With commands including but not limited to:
  currency conversion,
  unit conversion,
  time lookup,
  and even more to come
Nadiya serves as an ambassador to connect users of all nationality, ethnicity, and religion together in your server.
command name format/example description
Currency conversion ;currency [amount] [CODE] to [CODE]
;currency 55 USD to CAD
Converts value from one currency to another with respect to the current exchange rate.
Linear unit conversion ;unit [type] [value] [unit] to [unit]
;unit length 15 in to m
Converts between common units of measurement
Supported units:
  length: mm, cm, in, ft, yd, m, km, mi
  mass: mg, g, oz, lb, kg, t
  area: cm2, in2, ft2, yd2, m2, acre, ha, km2, mi2
  volume: cm3, ml, in3, oz_imp, oz_us, l, pt, gal, ft3, m3
Temperature conversion ;temp [value] [unit] to [unit]
;temp 21 C to F
Converts between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units
Time lookup ;time [location]
;time ottawa
Lookup the local time in a specific city in the world
Image to text ;img
(attach image to message)
Parse text from the given image using Tesseract-OCR
Dictionary lookup ;dict [word]
;dict pancakes
Lookup the definition of a word or phrase from Wiktionary
Urban Dictionary lookup ;udict [word]
;udict pineapple
Lookup the definition of a word or phrase from Urban Dictionary
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