Hello, and welcome to my gallery.

I have been practicing digital art since 2016. And, being a stardard prep geek with suspected maladaptive daydreaming (suspected, since I am never officially diagnose with it, so I do not claim that I have it) back in high school, I have created multiple fictional universes which I incorporate my art with.
Also, you might notice that a lot of my work have a 1:1 square canvas proportion and some rough sketches have colourful lines, yea, I have a habit of doing that. The reason for the former being a square canvas allow me to worry about going out of the grid the least, and the reason of the latter being that I would be able to know which layer is which amongst the messy lines.

Metasomnia - conceived circa july 2018

The story of Metasomnia started as a wild idea when I watched a youtube video about explaining the strategies in WWII.
"What if, I draw/write a story, that is basically world war 3 with magic enabled?"
Lo and behold, thousand of thoughts and ideas flash into existence in my brain, and the universe of Metasomnia is created.

The story features a 16 years old autistic girl named Albertina Eisenhart (pictured), or "Alby" for short.
The story is about her adventures in this surreal VR video game like world named 'Metasomnia' which is really a shared dream with people all over the world. In there is an earth shaped exactly the same as earth in real life sans human made structures, and magic that can be measured and studied using the scientific method.(aka hard magic system, back then I had no idea this term existed) How she understand more about being social, and friends, and military strategy.
The story mainly revolves around a war between two factions, and the magical battle scenes, situations, and strategies of various characters.
Alby's major school of magic is gravity manipulation, with minor in fire bending. Usually how she fights is that she creates a gravity field and move her enemies around while blasting them with fire explosions.
There are also other characters include a boy named Hotaru with light controlling powers, a female senior of them named Benoit who can manipulates water and electricity, another junior conscript named Mardine who have the power to control salt and all ionic compounds, and a girl named Callia wielding electromagnetism bending powers.

Book of Anshal - conceived June 2019

The book of Anshal started out as a build-up from a late night VC chat on discord where I brainfarted a random story about how my self avatar character, Kevvol, came to be.
After a few daydreaming sessions, I changed up the story and included two other main characters, Anshal(second image, middle) and Wilhelm(second image, right). Anshal is based on one of my close friend and Wilhelm is just an original creation.

In this story, Anshal is the protagonist, as the name suggests. But, his personality is clam and serene, being the straightman most of the time, similar to that of Gray(fairy tail) or Sasuke(naruto), which is unorthodox for a story like this. Anshal is the most level-headed out of the three and usually is the voice of reason.
Kevvol, my self insert of this universe, acts as a foil to Anshal. He is book smart, well presented, and friendly, but lacking in formal and social manners.(He smells girls' hair and eats steak by picking it up with a fork and biting it) This is due to him being sheltered by his parents until 16 when he stayed with a nomadic tribe in the north for studies which does not care about formal table manners. He is the brains of the group but also acts as a close combat diver assaulting foes with his Chinese cresent glaive named 'Maria'.
Wilhelm is intended to be a standard stock 'shounen protagonist' character. He is a hot-blooded, happy-go-lucky guy that only cared about fighting, food, and friends. He acts as a foil to Kevvol but they are really good friends. Though, contrary to his look, he is quite polite and well mannered. In battle, he is a fighter and fights usually with small weapons or bare fists. He is the brawns but also the heart of the group and cheers up not just Anshal and Kevvol but other memebers of the cast.