2020-01 : UwU-wized holy bible

I came up with this cursed idea from chatting and messing around with a bot in the r/casualconversation subreddit discord with a few internet friends in an early morning in the 2020 Coronavacation. Shoutout to user Lilimeow and pug to bring me to this path of no return.

If you want to just rip the text off this page, feel free to do so. The original text provided by Project Gutenburg is in public domain (it's the bible duh) and I do not own, use or claim the Project Gutenburg trademark. However if you want to redistribute this verson please attribute me and Wahid and link to this site.

Click here for the txt file

Raw text of the KJV Bible from Project Gutenburg
UwU-Translator written in python by githib user WahidBawa